Security And Privacy Policy

AICOUNTLY safeguard client data in the manner stipulated below:


We cherish, guard, and defend privacy at Aicountly. We support transparency because it gives individuals and organization genuine control over their data and meaningful options for its use. Every person who uses our goods and services has their privacy choices empowered and protected by us. Our Aicountly has a policy of protecting your privacy in connection with any data gathered while operating our website. We designed this privacy policy to help you understand how we collect, use, transmit, disclose, and otherwise use personal information. Our privacy policies are outlined below.

Our dedication to granting you control over the data whether personal, professional service data, customer data or administration data you upload to the cloud forms the foundation of our tried-and-true approach to privacy. In other words, you have control over your data. With our contractual promises to you, Aicountly assures this. Aicountly believes that-
  1. Your data is your own- You own the rights to your data, so you are always free to access, edit, or remove it. Without your consent, Aicountly will not use your data, and once we do, we will only use it to perform the services you have requested.
  2. Your data is never shared
  3. You are the controller of your data
  4. Not to use or share customer data for advertising for third parties.
  5. Data processing only with consent- Only with your consent and in compliance with the stringent rules and regulations we have contractually committed to, do we treat your data. We don't give your information to services backed by advertisers, and we don't mine it for things like marketing analysis or advertising.
  6. Data limits for Third Party- When we use subcontractors or subprocessors to do tasks that need access to your data, they are only permitted to carry out the duties that Aicountly has contracted them to complete and are subject to the same contractual obligations regarding privacy as Aicountly is to you. The Aicountly Online Services Subprocessor List lists authorized subprocessors that have already undergone a thorough assessment against a strict set of security and privacy standards.
  7. What happens to your data when you leave the product - Aicountly is held to stringent standards and eliminates cloud customer data from systems under our control. We also purge or destroy defunct hardware and overwrite storage resources before reusing them.
    • Data retention- When a client cancels a cloud service or the subscription expires, Aicountly is contractually obligated to removing client data from our managed systems.
      Except for free trials, if you cancel a cloud subscription or it expires, Aicountly will keep your customer data in a restricted account for 45 days ("retention period") so you have time to download it or renew your subscription. Aicountly sends out many messages throughout this time, so you'll have plenty of advance notice before any data is deleted. Aicountly will terminate the account and erase all customer data, including any cached or backup copies, after this 45-day retention period.
      We take considerable steps to conceptually isolate client data when it is hosted in the multitenant settings of Aicountly cloud services. This assists in preventing the data of one client from seeing the data of another, as well as assisting in preventing any customer from seeing the deleted data of another customer.
    • Data deletion on physical storage devices - Before Aicountly sends a storage disc drive back to the manufacturer for replacement or repair when it experiences a hardware failure, it is securely wiped or destroyed. To guarantee that the data cannot be retrieved in any way, the drive's contents are entirely erased.
  8. End to End Encryption- We protect your data while it is in transit and at rest.
    Aicountly safeguards your data while it is in transit as well as at rest with cutting-edge encryption. Our encryption algorithms put up barriers between unauthorized people and the data, with two or more independent encryption layers to guard against breaches of any one layer.

Aicountly protects your data via well-defined response rules and procedures, steadfast contractual obligations, and, if required, legal action. We think you should be contacted whenever the government wants your personal information. We don't provide direct or unrestricted access to client data to any government.
  1. Responding to data requests- Except as directed by you or as required by law, we will not share information to a government or law enforcement agency. Aicountly carefully examines all requests from the government to make sure they are suitable and legally sound.
  2. Demands from law enforcement- Except where prohibited by law, Aicountly will promptly notify you and provide a copy of the request if it receives a request for your data. In addition, we will advise the person making the request to contact you directly for the information.
  3. Our commitments- Defending your data is one of our contractual obligations to our company and public sector clients, which expands upon our current security measures. Where it is legal for us to do so, we will legally fight any government request for consumer information from the private and public sectors.

  1. Categorization of data Customer data- Customer data is any information, except Aicountly Professional Services, that you give to Aicountly or that is given on your behalf by using Aicountly platform online products. This includes numerical data, text, sound, video, or picture files as well as software. Customer content is comprised of apps you submit for distribution through Aicountly cloud as well as data you upload for processing or storage.
    For instance, client content may include instant messaging discussions, email and attachments.
  2. Personal data- Any information pertaining to a named or distinguishable natural person is considered "personal data." An identifiable natural person is one who can be located, either directly or indirectly, using information about their physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity, such as their name, identification number, coordinates, or online identifier.
  3. Professional services data- Services for Professionals Data is any information that is provided to Aicountly by or on behalf of a Customer (or that a Customer authorizes Aicountly to obtain from a Product) or that is otherwise acquired or processed by or on behalf of Aicountly through an engagement with Aicountly to obtain Professional Services. This includes all numerical data relating business, text, sound, video, image, and software files.
  4. Administration data Information- Information about administrators, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses, that was provided during registration, purchase, or management of Aicountly services is known as administrator data. Additionally, it contains data pertaining to your account, such as the settings you choose, and aggregated use statistics. To deliver services, execute transactions, maintain the account, and identify and stop fraud, we need administrator data.
  5. Payment data- When you use Aicountly to make an online purchase, you must supply payment details. Name, billing address, credit card number, and security code, among other financial information, might be included. Payment information is used to complete transactions and to stop fraud.

Who can access your data and on what terms?
You always have access to your own customer information for any purpose. Aicountly enterprise cloud services, on the other hand, take serious precautions to help safeguard data from unauthorized access and improper usage.

Aicountly commercial cloud services take serious precautions to help safeguard your client data from unauthorized users' improper access or usage. This entails limiting access for Aicountly’s employees and other parties and carefully establishing the conditions for responding to requests from the government for access to customer data. You do, however, have unlimited access to your own client information.
  1. Access your data anytime- You can access your data anytime during your Aicountly subscription using your valid login credentials.
  2. Limited access to customer data- We take significant steps to guard customer data from improper access or use by outside or internal third parties, as well as to stop customers from accessing one another's data.
  3. Solicit Information- Any personal information about you shall only be collected through legitimate, ethical ways with your knowledge or consent when necessary. Before or at the time personal information is collected, we shall clearly state the purposes behind such acquisition of information and data.
  4. Use of Information- We Shall only collect and use the customers valuable information for the purposes we have stated and for any incidental ones unless we obtain the consent of the individual in issue or as required by law. For the purposes for which it is being used, personal information must be current, accurate, and full to the necessary extent. Additionally, it must be pertinent to purposes.
  5. Cyber Protection- To assess system security, we implement red team testing, routinely scan the external-facing Web infrastructure, do third-party penetration tests, and monitor suspicious activities and vulnerabilities. We pledge to keep your data secure at all costs. Our website keeps the information about your business end to end encrypted.
  6. Data Backup- To avoid data loss or damage, we provide you with the option to create a local backup in your PC or Drive. We promise total data security when you use our product.

Our Responsibility
We will take reasonable security precautions to guard against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification of personal information.

We will provide customers with easy access to information regarding our policies and practices for handling personal information. We will only keep professional as long as it's required to accomplish the requisite purposes. We are dedicated to managing our company in accordance with these principles to protect and maintain the confidentiality of personal information of our customers.

Aicountly reserve all the rights to occasionally modify its privacy policy.

If you have any questions, please e-mail at
If the complaint is not resolved within 7 working days, you can escalate your query to our Nodal Officer as per the following details.
Nodal Officer
Name: Stuti Kaushal
Address: 3069-B, Third Floor, Ajanta Enclaves, Sector 51-D, Chandigarh – 160047

In order to enable us to efficiently address your grievance/complaint, please include the below information while writing to us: Please note that if any of the essential facts are missing, Aicountly will be unable to investigate the complaint/grievance and the complainant will be notified by Aicountly.