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Policy Terms & Conditions

Together with the Terms of Use, this prices, promotion, and Payments Policy outlines Aicountly rules and practises for accepting prices and payments for the services made available through the Aicountly SaaS platform. The main goal of Aicountly is to make sure that the Aicountly Platforms are easy to use and have the security architecture that is fairly anticipated to safeguard any financial information that a user could provide.

Users must read through and comprehend the conditions of this Policy. You are urged not to accept the provisions of Use and this Policy and to immediately cease using the Aicountly Digital Platform if you do not agree with their provisions. The conditions in this Policy must be acknowledged in their entirety, and by using, browsing, accessing, or making purchases through the Aicountly Digital Platform, you consent to being bound by them.

  1. Prices, offers, and promotions for the ‘Products’ (hereby referred to products, services and additional services provided under Aicountly Software services) offered under Aicountly SaaS Platform hosted at & its associated domains, are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. Taxes are included in all prices shown on the website. Aicountly reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to alter the costs of our goods and services as well as their accessibility.
  3. Order cancellations due to price change for the products and additional services on the Aicountly website at any time will not be accepted.
  4. Although we work hard to provide correct product and pricing information, typographical or pricing errors could nevertheless happen. However, our website reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders made for a product if it is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information, unless the access to the software has already been granted.
  5. Promotion errors: While our website tries to keep promotions accurate, there may be a few unusual instances where a promo or discount is not implemented. Any discrepancy in the discount or any voiced doubts by the customer after subscription to the product won’t be taken into consideration.
  6. Aicountly can occasionally runs user-driven bundle promotions that require customers to add some freebies to their carts. The customer must manually add such freebies, combos, and promotional offers to the cart in order to take advantage of the free of cost services with purchase promotion displayed on the product page.
  7. If a freebie/promotional item is successfully added to your basket on the shopping cart page, it will show up in your account's "Order Details" section and in all emails, you receive from Aicountly.
  8. Within 3 days of the order date, customers can email to obtain a discount code for claiming the gift/offer in case it was missed or overlooked. Customer’s original order will be validated against the offer period and a coupon code for ordering the freebie will be provided.
  9. The total invoice amount will match what is stated on the website or what was paid for the final subscription. However, in accordance with GST regulations, the cost of the promotional item will be split between the two items on the invoice.
  10. Return or Cancellation for such orders must have the Freebie/Promotional Product cancelled/returned for a full refund. Customers who retain the freebie will receive a refund minus the proportionate amount of the freebie as mentioned on the invoice. The Freebie/Promotional Product for such orders must be cancelled or returned for a complete refund. The proportionate amount of the freebie as stated on the invoice will be deducted from refunds for customers who choose to keep the freebie.

Fees and Payment Options
  1. There is no charge from Aicountly to access its website. In the near future, we might think of charging the User a fee to use the Aicountly Platform in its entirety or just a few of its services. In such a case, you agree to pay any necessary expenses. We do not promise or guarantee that it would give you notice before executing such a charge levy. After such a change in the costs, it will be assumed that you are okay with the changes if you keep using our Platform.
  2. Aicountly gives the user a variety of payment alternatives to ensure their convenience. Without giving the user prior notice, Aicountly maintains the right to add or remove any of the following payment methods:
    • Payment through net banking facilities;
    • Payment through select credit cards;
    • Payment through select debit cards;
    • Payments through prepaid payment instruments and electronic wallets;
    • Any other payment method from time to time, including EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments).
    • Payment through NEFT / RTGS / IMPS
    • Payment through UPI
    • Payment through Cheque / DD / BC
    • Payment through wallets / prepaid wallets, etc.
  3. The payment options referred to above shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as 'Payment Options'. Even though Aicountly makes a good effort to offer the Payment Options through a variety of banking channels, it now only accepts payments from a select few major financial routes. Payments made using foreign debit/credit cards are accepted by Aicountly subject to certain terms & conditions mentioned at the payment page.
  4. It is clearly stated that Aicountly has the exclusive discretion to accept a User's payment made through the Payment Options. For whatever reason, Aicountly retains the right to refuse payment from a User using the Payment Options. It retains the right to refuse a User's payment made through the Payment Options if the User does not provide a copy of their photo identity evidence or doesn't comply with KYC norms prescribed by the Competent Authority, in order to further confirm their transaction.
  5. User undertakes to submit true, complete, and accurate financial information when using the Payment Options, including credit/debit card information and prepaid payment instrument account information that may be saved by Aicountly's third-party payment gateway provider. Users are not permitted to use credit/debit cards or prepaid devices that they do not legitimately own or are not entitled to use. The security and confidentiality of the User's financial information shall be completely his or her responsibility. We disclaim all responsibility for any damages that may result from the unauthorised use of the User's identity or financial information, including information pertaining to the Payment Options.
  6. Aicountly disclaims all responsibility and liability for any loss or damage a user may incur as a result of Lack of authorization for any transaction, even those made using gift cards and vouchers that were given to the user(s) as part of a promotion run by Aicountly, Exceeding the credit/debit limit that the User and the issuing bank had previously agreed upon, any payment problem brought on by errors in the transaction's technology and refusal of the transaction for causes outside of Aicountly control.
  7. The amount of transactions a User may complete using the Aicountly Platform may be subject to restrictions set by Aicountly in its sole discretion. Aicountly maintains the right to refuse to process any transactions from the User if they go beyond these transactional restrictions. Users with suspicious or doubtful transaction histories on the Aicountly Platform may cause Aicountly to refuse to accept their transactions. Aicountly has the right to refuse such transactions if it is unsatisfied with a User's reliability or the veracity of a transaction made on the Aicountly platform. In its sole discretion, Aicountly may also decide to postpone or refuse to provide access for the Products that the User has subscribed for.
  8. The User agrees that Aicountly shall not be liable for any damage, interests or claims resulting from its decision to not process a transaction or delay in the processing of a transaction on account of a User's suspicious activity on the Aicountly Platform.
  9. All products on the Aicountly Platform are displayed with all applicable taxes included. All fees, costs, and charges related to purchasing products from us will be your responsibility to pay, and you agree to cover all applicable taxes, including but not limited to GST, tariffs, and cesses. Despite our best efforts, there may be instances of inaccurately listed or mispriced products on the Aicountly Platform during or after the User has completed the purchase process for those products. Although careful verification procedures are followed before Product prices are published on our Platform, errors and discrepancies resulting from technological difficulties and delays are unavoidable.
  10. The terms and conditions of the User's bank, appropriate financial institution, and/or card issuing association may be applicable to allow User to make payments for purchasing Products on the Aicountly Platform. Aicountly has no control over this and will not be held responsible at any time. The User's bank, financial institution, or card issuing association may reject or prohibit the User from making electronic payments for purchasing Products on our platform and we have no control over such things and is thus never going to be held accountable.
  11. The User is first required to confirm whether his or her family members, friends, or co-workers were authorised to carry out the purchase of Products on our platform if it is brought to the User's notice that a charge has been created on his or her payment instrument(s) for purchase of Products on our Platform and the User is unaware of such purchase. If, in spite of this, the user is still unable to identify the charge that was made on his or her payment instrument(s) for the purchase of Products on the Aicountly Platform, the user may report such an unauthorised purchase to us within 3 (three) calendar days of the date on which it was made on the Aicountly Platform in order to allow us to begin an investigation.

Customer Support Team

Any queries or concerns relating to the Fees and Payment may be directed by you to our customer support team who can be contacted at:

Phone Number: +91 91 0037 0038 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM except for Sunday or declared holidays)