Cookies Policy

This Cookie Statement describes how Aicountly uses cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information when you visit websites.

We use cookies on our site ( & associated sites and product domains) for several purposes. They help us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and allow us to improve our site. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

What are Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies?
A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on and accessed from your device when you visit one of our Sites, to the extent you agree. The other tracking technologies work similarly to cookies and place small data files on your devices or monitor your website activity to enable us to collect information about how you use our Sites. This allows our Sites to recognize your device from those of other users of the Sites.

There are other technologies that perform a similar function to cookies. These include web beacons and clear gifs. These are often used in conjunction with cookies to help a website owner understand its users better.

What cookies do we use?
First party cookies Aicountly websites have first party cookies and allow third parties to place cookies on your device. The difference between a first party cookie and a third-party cookie relates to who places the cookie on your device. First party cookies are cookies that are specific to the website that created them. These cookies enable us to operate an efficient service and to track patterns of user behavior on our website.
Third party cookies Third party cookies are placed on your device by a third party. allows third parties to access Aicountly website to place a third-party cookie on your device, we do not retain control over the information supplied by the cookies, nor does we retain access to this information. This information is controlled wholly by that third party according to the respective privacy policy of the third party.
Required Cookies Required Cookies are required to enable core site functionality. These cookies allow Aicountly to provide you a secure log-in and to remember your log-in details, to establish and maintain your shopping cart, and to make sure the website looks consistent.
Functional Cookies Functional Cookies allow Aicountly to analyze site usage so it can measure and improve its performance. These cookies collect information on how a website is used – for example which pages a visitor opens most frequently and whether they receive error messages from a page. These cookies do not save any information that permits identification of the user. The collected information will be aggregated and thus will be analyzed in a non-attributable way to a specific person. These cookies are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website and thus the user experience.

The functional cookies we use include:
  1. User-centric security cookies to detect authentication abuses for a limited persistent duration, like repeated failed login attempts. These cookies are set for the specific task of increasing the security of the service.
  2. Multimedia content player session cookies (flash cookies) are used for the duration of a session to store technical data needed to play back video or audio content (e.g., image quality, network link speed, and buffering parameters).
  3. Load balancing session cookies are used for the duration of the session to identify the same server in the pool in order for the load balancer to redirect user requests appropriately.
  4. User interface customization persistent cookies are used to store a user’s preference regarding a service across web pages.
Advertising Cookies Advertising Cookies are used by advertising companies to serve ads that are relevant to your interests. These Cookies allow you to share pages with social networks and to post comments. Further, to serve ads relevant to your interests.
Analytics Cookie These Cookies collect information to help us understand how you engage with our website, such as how the site is being used, or to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. These Cookies help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and to see how visitors move around the site. These Cookies may be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we have added to our pages.

How long will cookies remain on my computer or mobile device?
The length of time that a cookie remains on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a “persistent” or “session” cookie. Session cookies last until you stop browsing and persistent cookies last until they expire or are deleted. Most of the cookies we use are persistent and will expire between 30 minutes and two years from the date they are downloaded to your device. See the section below on how to control cookies for more information on removing them before they expire.

How to Manage Cookies?
You have the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies. You can exercise your cookie rights by setting your preferences in the Cookie Consent Manager. The Cookie Consent Manager allows you to select which categories of cookies you accept or reject. Essential cookies cannot be rejected as they are strictly necessary to provide you with services. You can control and manage cookies in various ways. Please keep in mind that removing or blocking cookies can negatively impact your user experience and parts of our website may no longer be fully accessible. To manage cookies using your browser settings, most browsers allow you to refuse or accept all cookies or only to accept certain types of cookies. The process for the management and deletion of cookies can be found in the help function integrated in your browser. If you wish to limit the use of cookies, you may not be able to use all the interactive functions of our website. This Cookie Statement was last updated on 10.07.2023.